Our team to be joined by students from Cardiff University

Cardiff University was founded in 1883. They were ranked 5th in 2014 for their quality of research by the Research Excellence framework amongst the UK universities Cardiff University is one of the few universities that have a four year BSc. degree course in Exploration and Resource Geology. In 2013 four students from Cardiff came to do research for North Atlantic Mining Associates Ltd (NAMA) on the Gold Iceland project.

The students did both desk studies and fieldwork on two of the eight mineral exploration permits. Later this year when exploration work begins related to permit 14, Thormodsdalur. We are expecting two Cardiff students to help with the process and research related to drilling and mapping of the area in 2016.

We are also expecting a student from Imperial Collage in London along with an Icelandic Geologist that has newly graduated from Norway specialized in minerals they have great recommendations and will be a valued asset to the team.