Gold in Thormodsdalur Iceland

We do anticipate a lot of excitement once the drilling will commence in Thormodsdalur within few weeks, pending drilling license. Despite  the  high  level  of  development;  with  respect  to  gold,  Iceland  remains  relatively  poorly  mapped, understood or explored The geological and geographical settings of Iceland therefore present unique potential for exploration. However the history of gold exploration in Iceland is traced back to the early twentieth century when gold bearing quartz float was first discovered in the Seljadalsá River that drains the Thormodsdalur vein system. Since then there have been six other multiple veining. Exploration project in Thormodsdalur.

Thormodsdalur is located about 20km E of the city center of Reykjavík, SE of the lake Hafravatn. The target area is the previous mining and drilling zone and the immediate areas towards the south and north